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Our Founder

I have been an advocate of, and committed to, inner health and well being ever since receiving a diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer several years ago. As part of my recovery, I made the decision to look more closely into the skincare and make up products that I had been using. What I realised is that we cover our faces and bodies in chemicals, often times unbeknownst to us, on a daily basis. Many of these chemicals can be very harmful, so choosing good skincare and make up free from toxins has become an essential part of my wellness regime.

Finding a good selection of effective products that not only suited my skin, but that I also enjoyed using, was limiting. I wanted a more comprehensive and effective selection of clean beauty brands to choose from, so I began the search…

Since then, I have had such fun researching, traveling and meeting with clean beauty brand entrepreneurs who are changing the beauty industry one ingredient at a time. I have also learned that most of us want to understand more about what we are putting on our skin, and this has become just as important as exercising and eating the right foods.

Biddy + May has been created to bring these global brands to New Zealand, and to promote some of the incredible indie brands being made throughout Aotearoa.

Welcome to the Clean Beauty Movement!

Yasmin Farry xxx



This store is dedicated to all the incredible women who surround me, most especially my two grandmothers, Biddy and May and my beautiful Mother and Sisters.