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Show your hair you care with Innersense

With superb haircare products crafted from certified plant ingredients in luxurious formulations that your hair will love (and that actually work), the Innersense Organic Beauty range is a homage to Mother Nature. It is also a love story between two seasoned beauty professionals who share a passion for hair, beauty and life. Read on to hear more from Innersense Founders Greg and Joanne Starkman…   WHERE DID THE BRAND NAME INNERSENSE COME FROM? GS: Following the birth of our daughter Morgan, the name came from our spiritual advisor. We had to learn to trust our inner sense through navigating life circumstances. JS: The name came from the idea that if we all look within and trust our own inner sense we will be guided to the best health and lifestyle practices.   WHAT LED YOU TO CREATE INNERSENSE ORGANIC BEAUTY AFTER YOUR EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE IN THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY? GS: The simple answer was recognising the toxins and harsh synthetic ingredients that were rampant in traditional beauty products. I recognised the needs of the true, organic consumer and saw first-hand that the chemistry was there and it was possible to bring clean beauty to life. JS: When our daughter, Morgan, was 22 months old, she was diagnosed with a rare genetic disability called Williams Syndrome. Obviously, I wanted to give the very best to Morgan and to my family. I started reading more labels and I looked at the products I was using on Morgan’s hair. I was astonished to find they were laden with silicones, resins, plastics and synthetic fragrances. Then a lightbulb went off for me, that I had been around these chemicals for so long and that there were no truly, clean, organic plant based products in the professional category.   AT INNERSENSE YOU ARE COMMITTED TO CREATING PRODUCTS THAT ARE FROM NATURE AND SOURCED SUSTAINABLY. HOW HAVE YOU ACHIEVED THIS? GS: We achieved this by being active in understanding the source of each ingredient and by being active in the supply chain of these ingredients from curation to how they are processed. JS: It’s about partnership and selecting partners that have the same common goal as Greg and I. More importantly, it’s about working with ingredients that we and our customers can trust.   WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT TO INCLUDE HAIR CARE IN YOUR CLEAN BEAUTY REGIME? GS: Hair care is equally as important as skin care. In fact, hair care in some ways is more important because most skin and scalp conditions are induced by the very products we use. Most people take their scalp for granted and consumers need to see the strong connection between scalp health and the appearance and condition of the scalp and hair. JS: The scalp and hair is just as important as other beauty regimes, the scalp is an extension of the face, it’s a part of our body and it's a sacred place. It’s also about being conscious of what we put into our waterways. Many people are using hair care that contains synthetic and toxic ingredients that ultimately endanger our environment.   WHAT ARE SOME OF THE HERO INGREDIENTS USED IN THE INNERSENSE RANGE AND WHY ARE THEY BENEFICIAL? GS: Tamanu oil because of its high antioxidant content and rejuvenative benefits to protect the skin and the scalp. It promotes healthy scalp and delivers emolliency as well as vital minerals and proteins to the hair. JS: One of my favorites is Tamanu and I love that it's a hidden treasure in our world used by indigenous people in the Fijian islands. They use it as a healing oil for skin, scalp and hair because it is so rich in antioxidants.   FOR CUSTOMERS NEW TO YOUR RANGE, OR THOSE WHO ARE CONSIDERING A SWITCH TO CLEAN HAIR CARE, WHERE SHOULD THEY START? GS: Healthy scalp and hair begins with cleansing and conditioning. Anyone new to Innersense Organic Beauty should begin their switch with our hairbaths and conditioners and then begin to integrate our styling and treatment products. JS: Definitely start with our hairbaths and conditioners. I love our Color Awakening Hairbath and Color Radiance Daily Conditioner because it provides the ideal amount of nourishment and hydration that makes it so compatible with multiple different hair types and textures.   THE INNERSENSE QUIET CALM CURL CONTROL HAS BECOME A CULT PRODUCT FOR PEOPLE WISHING TO CONTROL FRIZZ AND ENHANCE NATURAL CURL (FROM OPRAH MAGAZINE TO THE CURL DOCTOR TO LIZZO). WHAT IS SO UNIQUE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT AND HOW HAS IT BEEN FORMULATED? GS: We utilise raw shea butter and emollient oils, such as orange oil, that deliver hydration and allow the curl to maintain its resiliency without adding weight to drag it down. It’s a clean formula therefore we’re not utilising cosmetic ingredients that are commonly found in curl creams that ultimately just coat curls rather than nourish them. JS: It’s rich in emollients and hydrating without weighing the hair down. When we were formulating we were inspired by Morgan's hair specifically. I knew exactly what her curls needed so we made a curl cream to achieve smooth revolutions, definition and would deliver the nutrients and hydration all curls need to thrive.   WHAT ARE THE KEY INGREDIENTS USED IN THE HYDRATING CREAM CONDITIONER AND HAIR BATH THAT MAKE THEM SO LIGHT, CREAMY AND RESTORATIVE? GS: The Hydrating collection is designed for thick and coarse hair textures, so we knew maximum care and nourishment was needed. We utilize tamanu to deliver vital nutrients and flaxseed to strengthen and mend dry brittle ends. We also utilize shea butter to add and retain moisture.   THE INNERSENSE RANGE IS EXTREMELY DIVERSE AND CATERS TO ALL TYPES OF HAIR. FOR THOSE WHO DESIRE MORE VOLUME AND THICKNESS, WHAT CAN YOU RECOMMEND? GS: I would recommend our I Create Lift Volumizing Foam. It’s a multi-purpose volumising foam that builds volume from roots to ends and it’s perfect for all hair types and textures. JS: I would say our new Hair Love Prep Spray is great for all hair types. It can be used under any styling products to maximise performance and increase style retention. It can also be used on its own to create natural body and add fullness to hair.   THE CLEAN BEAUTY MOVEMENT HAS BEEN SLOWER IN THE HAIR CARE SPACE, WITH SO MANY “NATURAL” HAIR CARE PRODUCTS FALLING FLAT IN COMPARISON TO THEIR CONVENTIONAL COUNTERPARTS. HOW DIFFICULT HAS IT BEEN TO CREATE A RANGE THAT IS NOT ONLY CRUELTY AND TOXIN FREE, BUT ALSO PERFORMS SO WELL? GS: It is the commitment that we make to the quality and efficacies of the ingredients we use. JS: It has been difficult for sure, but sourcing ingredients that we know can perform at the level, and often better, than their synthetic counterpart just echoes what we’ve been striving for over 15 years.   WHAT IMPACT CAN CONVENTIONAL HAIR CARE PRODUCTS HAVE ON OUR ENVIRONMENT? GS: Conventional hair care products are often made with toxic based synthetics and petrochemicals like silicones, resins and micro plastics that are extremely harmful to our waterways and the ecosystems within them. JS: Hair care ultimately ends up in our waterways and products that contain synthetics, plastics and cosmetic fillers go on to contaminate our waterways. We all have to think about how we can reduce our impact on the environment and by choosing clean haircare, this helps in that effort.   YOU RECENTLY ANNOUNCED A PARTNERSHIP WITH PLASTIC POLLUTION SOLUTIONS. WHAT IS THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THIS PARTNERSHIP AND HOW DOES IT ENABLE YOU TO BETTER REACH YOUR SUSTAINABILITY GOALS? GS: Our partnership has been about being responsible for the environment and the impact we have on it as a business. It’s about making a commitment to being proactive and having a strategy to hold ourselves accountable. JS: It’s about Mother Earth. We must do whatever we can to preserve nature and we look forward to being able to participate and be involved in the solutions for environmental integrity and sustainability. Interview by Alysha Farry for Biddy + May   Shop the range