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Q&A with medical herbalist & co-founder of Mama's Brew Shop, Rene Schliebs.

by Yasmin Farry |

We sat down (virtually) with good friend, Rene Schliebs, nutritionist, medical herbalist and co-founder of Mamas Brew Shop/Happy Hour Kombucha. Rene and her business partner make 100% natural and organic alcoholic and non alcoholic kombucha, providing customers with a conscious alternative to sugar laden soft drinks and high alcohol beverages. We love Rene’s approach to everything she does, health and wellbeing is always at the core.


How does your day usually start?   

I love to get up early, when no one else in the house is up, have my coffee and exercise.  It’s an important ritual in my day that I make time for before getting the  kids off to school and starting my work day.


When did you discover natural beauty products?  

Gosh, about 20yrs ago when I was working in a health shop during my training as a medical herbalist.  My first exposure to natural products were the Dr Hauschka and Weleda skin care ranges.  I still use these products.


Why is using natural, clean beauty products important to you?

The skin is the largest organ of the body and therefore anything we use on the skin directly affects our internal organs.  Having endometriosis means that my estrogen levels can be elevated by xenoestrogens from synthetic chemicals.  One way I can manage this is by choosing to keep synthetic chemicals and products out of my skin care regime. (You can check The No Go List for the ingredients that Rene avoids in her skincare and makeup)


Can you share any wellness or beauty hacks with us? 

Support good skin care with great nutrition and hydration.  Listen to your body and rest when you feel run down.  I learnt this the hard way after suffering from major burn out at the end of 2019.  The time to recover is so much longer if you don’t take note and stop when you should. 


What are your rituals to unplug? 

I’m learning to leave work for the week days and consciously spend more time with the people I love. 


How do you feel about ageing gracefully?   

I’ve never been one to care about greying hair or wrinkles, so I feel totally ok about the ageing process.


What is your classic uniform?  

I’ve gone from my consulting days of wearing heels and skirts to gym gear.   Running a brewery means I'm often on the floor dealing with tanks and brewery equipment, so comfort is number 1.  My latest shoe purchase was a pair of Blundstone steel caps.  So comfy!


If we could travel right now, where on the planet would you go and why? 

Tahiti. To support our Pacific neighbours. I’ve always wanted to visit.  A decent holiday would be just the ticket.


Last great book you read? 

Me Elton John.  An honest and hilarious read. Highly recommended.


How do you stay fit?  

My work is pretty physical,  but I make time for exercise each day and run around after my kids.


Describe your morning skincare routine? 

This changes all the time as I love trying new products. At the moment  I cleanse with Dr Hauschka Cleansing Cream, apply and Living Nature Sensitive Day Cream.  My daily sunscreen is Essone. I save my Mermaid Oil for night time popping it on after cleansing so my skin hydrates overnight.


What’s the one new clean beauty product you can’t live without?  

Salt By Hendrix Mermaid Oil.  I absolutely love the hydration with the omega oils. It’s a winner!


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We highly recommend Mama's Brew Shop Kombucha products, thoughtfully and consciously made by two superwomen entrepreneurs.