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Q&A with Amanda Wright, creative director, DJ and climate change maker.

by Yasmin Farry |

For 23 years I have been involved in the curation, direction and production of creative events and festivals. I am one of the co-founders of Splore and have been involved in multiple music, arts and cultural events throughout New Zealand.

Currently I am working on a new climate change innovation event CFX2030 that will be held here in Auckland this spring – watch this space!


How does your day usually start?

I wake up and do four rounds of Wim Hof Breathing Method, followed by either a swim at the pools or a cold shower?


When did you discover natural beauty products?

I’ve always been attracted to natural beauty products, having spent a lot of time in India in the 90’s. However, I distinctly remember discovering Miessence (Australian organic skin, hair and makeup products) at a Green expo back in 2005. They released a book called the Chemical Maze which outlined all the nasties that are in so many beauty and cleaning products – frightening! Ever since then I have only used organic products.


Why is using natural, clean beauty products important to you?

It's important for my health and wellbeing, for the environment and for the animals.


Can you share any wellness or beauty hacks with us? 

The Wim Hof Method is my daily practice that keeps me vibrant, well and energized. Check his youtube clips out and get into this transformative method – breath work, cold water and commitment.

Turmeric tea made from fresh grated turmeric, fresh ginger, black pepper and cinnamon, steeped in teapot for 10-15 mins, drink it hot or cold, delicious and a great way of getting your daily water intake in.


During the Covid 19 lockdown in 2020, did you feel the need to create new self-care routines or increase existing ones? 

During lockdown I overindulged in far too much food and alcohol, but I kept it balanced with bone broths, turmeric tea, dancing and djing. I made small videos and shared them on facebook which got amazing responses and reactions from people. I was being my true authentic self with the good and bad times being expressed through my posts. I must have touched a number of people, as I still get many compliments about those videos. Speaking your truth is a powerful mechanism to heal yourself and others.


What are your rituals to unplug after a long week?

Wine, swimming, dancing and Netflix. A good walk in nature or to the beach is also essential


How do you feel about ageing gracefully?

I’m accepting the daily changes that seem to happen with as much grace as I can. At times I long to be 40 again, but the wisdom and experience one now has is actually the gold that keeps me going. In many ways I feel in my power and my beauty more so than ever, however I have my moments of wanting to get some cosmetic surgery to remove a few of the wrinkles.


What is your classic uniform?

Definitely no uniform, everyday I love to find something funky and fun to wear, always with a splash of colour, although I do love working from home in leggings and hoodie.


How do you stay fit? 

Swimming, both in the pool and ocean and yoga and 5 tibetans.


Describe your morning natural skincare routine?

After a shower I use my True Organic natural deodorant  and my Innersense Organic Beauty foam styling mousse for my hair. 

I love my Axiology natural lipsticks.


What’s the one new clean beauty product you can’t live without?

Undercover Agent by True Organic of Sweden


Shop Amanda’s Favourite Biddy + May products:

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