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Overhaul Your Wardrobe in Lockdown.

by Yasmin Farry |

We thought we'd mix it up a bit and in the spirit of recycling and living sustainably, we asked Emma, Personal Stylist from Sisterhood of Style to give us her top tips for giving your wardrobe a little workout in lockdown.  

Trying to find your best pair of tracksuit pants or leggings under the pile of clean clothes that fell off your hanger can be frustrating right?  A closet that is so full that you can’t tell your leggings from your leg-warmers is equally as annoying.  So why not give your wardrobe a wee workout while in lockdown  - so that you’re ready and rearing to go when we're allowed out again.  Even if you’re only partially rearing to go, that’s ok, having a wearable wardrobe that you can see and work with easily is still going to give you a huge boost of confidence and satisfaction.  

Here’s 3 easy wardrobe workout ideas you can do today!

Step 1:  Keep, Sell, Donate  

I’m starting with a tough assignment, but I want you to deep dive right into a declutter.  Do you really need 5 pairs of the same pants?  Start by taking away anything with a brand-new tag on it, that has never been worn, anything else that you haven’t worn in 2 years and anything that does not fit you right now.  Then consider all those pieces for the keep, sell, donate piles.  If you insist on keeping some of them, then at least remove them from your wardrobe right now.  You don’t need to be reminded of something that doesn’t fit, my mission is to have you feel confident in the body you’re in right now.  Get ruthless sisterhood, move those pieces out of your eyesight.  I highly recommend donating pieces that are in great knick and deserve a second life to Everlasting, based in Mt Albert.

Step 2: Tie a ribbon on it 

This second step is a long-term goal.  Depending on what suits you and your lifestyle, then I highly recommend making a study of pieces you wear, and pieces you don’t.  This can be done in one of two ways.  Firstly, you could tie a ribbon at one end of your wardrobe and once you’ve worn something, hang it behind the ribbon.  Within 2-3 months you’ll have a bunch of clothes behind the ribbon and likely still some in front that have never been worn.  This will then allow you to consider if you want to keep, donate or sell.  The second option is to hang your hangers with the hook facing you.  Then as you wear them, turn the hanger around the ‘normal’ way.  This is an easy visual cue to what’s been worn and what’s been left behind.  Really ask yourself, once you’ve been doing this a few months, what feels good to stay and what feels great to let go of!  Repeat Step 1 once the project feels complete.  

Step 3: Give your wardrobe a good clean 

Yep, it seems like too simple a step, but this is one that your clothes will thank you for.  Clean the floor of your wardrobe, dust shelves down and if you have an open wardrobe, gently brush the shoulders of your hanging pieces as they may have collected dust. Space your items out as much as possible – this will help air to circulate but also help prevent moths setting up home on your knitwear.  

3 quick ideas to compliment your wardrobe workout:

  1. If you keep your shoes in boxes, consider taking a photo of your shoes, printing it out & taping to the outside of the box. Such a simple tip, but one that will save you minutes when you’re searching for the right shoe on Monday morning. 
  2. Have some moth-repellent products handy and change them out every 3 months
  3. Use slim line hangers to provide more space in your closet.  

If you need more help styling up a storm of confidence, then I’d love to help you.  You can check my online services here and here or find out more about me by following me @sisterhoodofstylenz 

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