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Natural Skin Care for Teens - Starting on the path to natural brands

by Fresh Marketing |

What a time to be a teen! The beautiful and awkward years of 'in between' have always been a tricky time, but our teenagers are living through this metamorphic stage with climate change, covid, social media and standardised testing pressing in on their consciousness.

The good news is that our rangatahi are agile thinkers, with information at their fingertips - and growing up in the digital age, normally have the nous to spot false information a mile off.

Although teen skin can be as merciless as ever, it's likely your teen understands the interplay of corporate advertising, animal testing, toxic chemicals and plastic pollution that the profit focused 'beauty' industry involves. 

Rangatahi are some of the most informed and ethically motivated people in the world right now, so clean beauty and personal care are already on their agenda.


Clean beauty for a brighter world

At Biddy + May we believe it is super important to start our children on a path to ethical, non toxic deodorants, skin care and hair care. As parents we want to protect our children's bodies; just like we have since we chose organic baby food or eco-baby care brands. But even more importantly, encouraging the next generation to keep their bodies free from toxic chemicals and to support animal welfare is a powerful tool for a fairer, cleaner world.

No group in history has ever understood the urgency for that as clearly as these teens do.


Natural skin care for teenagers 

Teen skin care is highly dependent on skin type, diet and hormones. Dealing with acne is a balance between cleansing effectively but gently without over-drying; and moisturising with anti-inflammatory, soothing skin care. Teens can also wash their hands often, avoid touching their face, and keep note of which foods trigger break outs.

We love:

Cleanse: Tailor Skincare Oil Cleanser

Formulated with natural cold-pressed NZ hazelnut and kanuka oils chosen to reduce impurities and balance your skin also contains natural sunflower oil and vitamin E to gently nourish and protect delicate complexions. A cleanser and makeup remover in one.

Exfoliate: Dust & Glow Detox Cleanser & Mask

A super concentrated power cleanser and mask in one. Great to help alleviate break-outs, blackheads and acne. Use daily as a cleanser or as a mask once a week. Activate with water.

Moisturiser: Tailor Skincare Moisture

A light weight, non-greasy moisturiser containing natural skincare plant oils to protect skin from drying out without clogging your pores. Dermatologically tested to be gentle on sensitive skins.

Sunscreen: Ao Skincare x6000 Elemental

Full of New Zealand native ingredients. Harakeke Seed Oil and Kiwi Seed Oil help to nourish and deeply moisturise skin while Totarol and Manuka Honey offer antifungal, antibacterial benefits to aid clear skin.


Natural deodorants for teens

With many schools mandating daily deodorant use, you'll want to employ a natural deodorant that really works - without adding a daily dose of aluminium to your child's chemical intake! Most natural deodorants use a base of baking soda as bicarbonate absorbs odour and moisture; but if your child's skin reacts we do have baking soda free options. 

We love:

Roll on: True Organic Of Sweden Undercover Agent

Free from synthetic aluminium and alcohol. Formulated from a solid moulded lump of crystallised alum - a naturally mined mineral salt, Undercover Agent neutralises odours, refreshes and calms with Rosewood, Ho leaf and Cypress Essential Oils.

Stick: Freedom Natural Deodorant Berg-E-Mint

With potent antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, this is a baking soda-free clear stick formula for easy application and the strength required for a hot yoga class!

Cream: Little Mango Natural Deodorant

Full strength cream based deodorants, free from any nasty chemicals, just simple, effective, natural ingredients. Easy for a first time deodorant user, one small pea size amount works easily into armpits.

Natural beauty products for teenagers

Traditional foundations and powders can dry and irritate sensitive teenage skin so look for lighter products that let the skin breathe, and won't clog pores. Be aware of the endocrine disruptors and toxins in make up when creating your teen's clean beauty capsule - and choose mascara, lipstick and pencils carefully, as staple products that get used daily; and are likely to get into your child's eyes and mouth.

We love:

Face: (M)ANASI7 All Over Colour

All Over colour is a versatile single pot of gorgeous nourishing lip and cheek colour, as well as a contour and cream eyeshadow all in one product. Formulated with organic, natural and wild harvested ingredients, this creamy multi-use stain can be worn alone or mixed with other tints for a custom shade.

Eyes: Lily Lolo Big Lash Mascara

An easy to apply, all natural and vegan mascara formulated to define lashes, provide volume and lengthening effects.

Lips: Axiology Sheer Balm Lipstick

Axiology boasts the most extensive collection of vegan lip colour, ranging from sheer and luminous pinks to bold and rich burgundies. The Axiology lipstick range delivers on colour and texture while nourishing lips with the cleanest, most hydrating ingredients. 


Remember, beauty, personal care and skin care should be fun and stress free for teens. Encourage experimentation and offer tips on technique... if they are all about watching make up tutorials, find clean beauty YouTube channels (like The Green Belle) where they can see demos and learn more about detoxing beauty routines.

Lead by example. Choose clean, kind beauty and household products. Let's help make a better, kinder world for our children to inherit.


Thanks to Hudson Hintze for the image.


"This article is included in Twinkl's Eco-Friendly and Sustainability campaign, and is part of their article Some great ideas to be more sustainable in 2021