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Sustainable, Natural & Organic Makeup by Susanne Manasi

by Yasmin Farry |

What sets the Manasi 7 makeup range apart from other natural makeup brands?

I believe we are different since the collection is minimalistic and curated by me and we offer timeless, multifunctional and concentrated products.

The products are made with skin caring ingredients combined with great colour pay-off, staying power and also produced at a slow pace. Our high quality makeup formulas are a carefully selected blend of natural, wild harvested and certified organic butters, waxes and oils. We use raw materials and preservatives extracted from minerals, wild plants and flowers to harness the potency and natural effectiveness of their properties, quality, colour and scent.

When it comes to branding we also have another approach since we have a different contemporary design with flower and hero ingredients.


Sustainability is a big focus from ingredients to packaging. Can you tell us more about how you achieve this and why it is so important to you?

We are the opposite of mass production and we produce in a slow pace and an environmentally friendly way from the beginning to the end of the production cycle. The products are highly concentrated and designed to last for a while. We work exclusively with independent small-scale sub-contractors, supporting the farms with circular and sustainable production as well as fair working conditions. Since each batch we produce is small, we minimise waste and keep the quality intact. Whenever we launch a new product it has to have a clear purpose in the collection and not be launched just because it is a new season for example. The packaging we use are mostly plant-based and for our new mascara we have developed a packaging made of recycled plastic and the cap is made of recycled plastic. It is actually only two products that have packaging that are made of virgin plastic and those are fully recyclable.


How challenging is it to produce makeup using only natural organic ingredients? And was it a hard decision to choose this over creating a mainstream makeup range?

The decision was not hard, since I would not have launched at all if I could not have done it with natural and organic ingredients. However, to get the formula and pay-off as I want, can be challenging sometimes since you are limited to certain ingredients, but with hard work you will get it perfect. In addition to that, I also have my own black list which I always send to my manufacturers to follow accordingly, that is beyond any organic certification. One of my subcontractors actually said that they have not ever seen such an extensive black list before. The only obstacle for me as of yet, is creating a waterproof mascara. Unfortunately, I have not been able to create one that matches my preferences. If you see ”Natural/organic” waterproof mascara out there, it most likely has silicones in it (which makes the water proof properties) and it is no longer sustainable, natural or organic according to my beliefs.


Selecting the right shade for your skin tone is so important, do you have any advice for finding the right shade online? Particularly for All Over Colour and the Strobelighters?

Yes, it can be somewhat challenging. I know that for sure. Unfortunately, the RGB colours on screens are limited and cannot reflect the real shade 100%. Instead, we try to describe the shade as much as possible and also show the product on model images. We also have a lot of colour swatches and tutorials on our IG.

But one thing with our products is that you can use them in different ways so many shades can actually suit a variety of skin tones, depending on how much you apply. For example, if you gently dab our All over colour Fuchsine on cheeks and lips, it looks beautiful on fair skin tones. If you apply it in layers you will get a statement lip that compliments deeper skin tones. That is how versatile our collection is. Regarding the Strobelighters, a more general suggestion is that fair to light skin tones tend to look best in the Strobelighters with cold to neutral undertones such as ivory and pink, while medium to deep skin tones look best in those with warmer undertones such as bronze, and rose gold.


Finally, can you give us any tips or tricks for using your products?

If you are new to our collection I suggest trying one of the All over colours or Strobelighters first, these you can wear very easily and apply as little or as much as you´d like depending on your preference. These are very easy to use with fingers when applied, but you can of course also apply them with a makeup sponge or a brush.


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