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The Natural Lipstick Revolution: Find the perfect clean pout

by Biddyandmay Admin |

Natural lipsticks are not new, but new clean beauty formulations and beautiful colour ranges provide a luxurious lip experience and lush hues for all skin tones.

We have curated a range of beautiful, ethical, toxin free natural lipsticks to give you a cosmetic boost without consequences! Lipstick style can be a personal statement, so why not wear cruelty free, organic natural lipstick to take a stand for your wellbeing, the planet, and innocent animals too?


Side step the 'dirty' lipstick toxins

Lipsticks can contain levels of heavy metals and parabens, some of which have been scientifically proven to cause cancers and toxicity. The faster the lipstick wears off, the bigger the health impact of these toxins on the health of the wearer. Why?

Because on average, women who wear lipstick consume 1 - 4kgs in a lifetime. Lipsticks end up on wine glasses, collars, and in our mouths - they don’t evaporate!

What’s scarier than eating lipstick on a daily basis? Eating lipstick made with toxins daily! The harmful ingredients aren’t reserved for low quality brands either - they are found in almost all conventional lip products, including high-end luxury brands.

The University of California, Berkeley, tested the use of 32 lipsticks and lip-glosses by young woman and found high levels of heavy metals, and ingestion of those heavy metals. Excessive exposure to these heavy metals (chromium, aluminium, cadmium and manganese) have been linked to various cancers and toxicity in the nervous system. The scientists found that the lipstick wearer ingests about 24mg per day, and that some women were exceeding the daily recommended exposure to these heavy metals, just by wearing lipstick.


But that's not all. Lead was detected in 75% of the lipsticks. Research on 400 lipstick brands by the FDA also found traces of lead - in all of the brands. Lead is a neurotoxin and has been linked to reduced fertility, hormonal changes and delayed onset of puberty. Safe Cosmetics note that lead can be dangerous at small doses, and medical experts are clear; any level of lead exposure is unhealthy.

If you want to check your lipstick is lead free, you'll need to familiarise yourself with a range of colourant numbers - like Lake Red, D&C Red, etc. These are compounds approved for use on the skin but not for consumption, and originate from Coal Tar and Petroleum. They are often contaminated by arsenic, mercury and lead, and they end up being consumed. Tasty!


Lips are for kisses, not cruelty

Mainstream lipsticks are still being tested on animals. Cruel is not beautiful, and lipsticks that have been developed through harm leave a bad taste in our mouths. Shop cruelty free lipstick and help shape a kinder world. 


The best Natural Lipstick Brands

When we say natural lipstick we mean totally free from toxins. Some of the most prominent 'natural lipstick' brands actually use the lead-contaminated colourants mentioned above. We have worked hard to find and test the natural lipstick brand that we think delivers best on the Biddy + May promise of clean beauty. 

Drum roll please!

our favourite clean lipstick brand, Axiology, makes organic, vegan, cruelty free and totally toxin-free lipstick. Read more about the brand ethos.

Axiology offers a range of beautiful hues and have three styles of natural lipsticks - Soft Cream Lipstick, Sheer Balm Lipstick and Rich Cream Lipstick - to give you a full choice of hues to suit your style and your skin, and a variety of finishes so you can create a light day tint or vamp up a rich red for evening. 

The amazing Balmie natural lipstick trios take sustainable packaging to the next level, using simple paper wrapping, and are the same size as normal lipsticks (without the half-empty plastic tube)!


A short history of lipstick: In search of the perfect pout

As Elizabeth Taylor famously said, "Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.” 

As far back as humans can remember, women have been searching for the perfect lipstick to achieve that perfect pout. It’s become a veritable obsession – “don’t leave the house without putting on some lipstick” my grandmother used to say!

In Ancient Egypt, both women and men wore lipstick as a symbol of their status. They used wet sticks of wood and favoured colours such as magenta, blue-black and orange.

During the 1500s in England, people believed that lipstick had magical powers: Queen Elizabeth was purportedly it’s biggest fan and was said to have been wearing over half an inch of lipstick at the time of her death!

Key players in the suffragette movement painted their lips as a symbol of emancipation. Feminists like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Charlotte Perkins Gilman donned the makeup when they marched in the 1912 NYC Suffragette rally. During WWII, while all other cosmetics were rationed, lipstick was kept in production because Winston Churchill felt it boosted morale.

But while lipstick has developed a loyal following since it’s early days on the banks of the River Nile, we now know more than ever about its impact on our health.

If you are anything like us, we can’t live without our lipstick, but turning a blind eye to potentially harmful toxins for the ‘perfect’ red lip is downright bad for your health! We are critical of the chemicals and toxins in our food, so why ignore them on our lips, when they will end up in the same place?

With the momentum of the clean beauty movement, you don’t have to compromise your health for the perfect red lip. There are now many inspiring, cruelty-free, natural and organic lipstick brands from around the globe to choose from. Not only are they gentle on your body and the earth, they look beautiful and help to nourish and care for your lips.

We love, love, love anything to do with lips at Biddy + May and have selected stand out natural lipstick brands that are making waves across the world. We suggest having a clean lipstick on standby in the wings that you can move to center stage when needed… there’s simply no excuse for ingesting all that nasty stuff!


Put your health first. Shop our collection of cruelty-free, natural and organic lip tints, and vegan lip balms here.


Thanks to Roxana Maria for the image!