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Natural Deodorant quest - Finding brands that really work!

by Fresh Marketing |

Natural deodorants are such a great product to add to your clean beauty capsule! We wear deodorant every day and the difference between applying a natural beauty brand to your skin, and using a conventional aluminum based antiperspirant daily, will have a huge impact over a lifetime on the amount of chemical toxins our bodies are exposed to.


What chemicals and toxins are NOT in natural deodorants?

In short, a lot of endocrine disruptors! This term means that they unbalance your hormonal processes and altered hormones can affect us in countless ways from mood to sleep and weight gain - and probably most seriously, disruption to hormonal processes can be a contributor to the onset of cancer.

There's more.

  • Parabens - endocrine disruptors, have been found intact in breast tumour tissue (although that doesn't prove causation, why not avoid parabens when you can?)

  • Synthetic fragrances - neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors, linked to asthma and allergies, and many are derived from petrochemicals

  • Propylene glycol - generally derived from petrochemicals, unsurprisingly can cause skin irritation or contact dermatitis

  • Triclosan - endocrine disruptor, possible link to skin cancer, banned from soaps in the USA

  • Pthalates - linked to asthma, breast cancer, obesity and type II diabetes, low IQ, neurodevelopmental issues, behavioral issues, autism spectrum disorders, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, altered reproductive development and male fertility issues

  • Aluminum chloride - used to block sweat glands, impairing moisture release.


Why isn't everyone using natural deodorants?

It's obviously better for us, but a lot of people have tried to go natural and gone back to their old synthetic staple. Ten years ago, the options for finding a natural deodorant in New Zealand really were limited, but now there are lots of brands available, and we know the brands in our store are really lovely. So let's talk about why you might have been scared off switching to natural!

There are three main reasons that people who are 'natural deodorant curious' give up on the idea.


1. They couldn't find a natural deodorant that really works

It's okay, we have this one covered! Our natural deodorants from Little Mango, Freedom and True Organic are well tested and proven to keep you smelling fresh and lovely. 

"I trust Little Mango more than conventional deodorants! One hot summer day I drove to the city, had two high energy meetings then went horse riding at the beach. Got home tired, happy and smelling like fresh vanilla!" - H


 2. The first couple of weeks can be a challenge

There is a really good reason for this - and it's good news too!

When you first swap from a commercial antiperspirant to natural deodorant, your body doesn't have aluminum chloride blocking up your sweat glands any more. This can mean that some people notice a new and disturbing odor. They're often the same people that had a favourite antiperspirant, then found it no longer kept odor at bay, so started using progressively stronger and stronger antiperspirants.

The jury is out on whether toxins can build up in your pores, and this odor is caused by them being released; or if this is just your sweat glands rebalancing again now that they can function naturally - but most of the people who experience this find that the effect stops after a week or two. 

"When I stopped using standard moisturiser my skin literally shed a layer of dead skin and my pores were dirtier than usual for a couple of weeks, as the preservatives in the skin care stopped 'preserving' my old skin and I was no longer applying toxins. Then my skin balanced and has been great ever since. When I switched to natural deodorant it was similar - I suddenly smelled awful, but I used a detox clay and vinegar paste under my arms, and boom, my natural scent was fresh and nice." - R


3. They didn't like rubbing a slightly sticky crystal on their skin

Regardless if you prefer roll on, a stick deodorant, or a soft smooth paste in a jar, we have a natural deodorant to suit your style!

Oh, unless you want a crystal, sorry!


Natural deodorant is kind to your body

We guarantee that the natural deodorants in our store contain no nasties at all.  What's more, nothing on the Biddy + May clean beauty store has been tested on animals - so these deodorants are gentle on your skin, and on creatures. 

Want to be kind to the planet too? Choose the Freedom card wrapped sticks or the Little Mango glass jars and minimise your impact.

Enjoy staying fresh all day, and knowing that you are only exposing your body to gentle natural substances.

We think you will find the best natural deodorants in New Zealand right here in our online store.


Thank you to Valeriya Aleksandrova for use of this image!