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Manasi7 makeup tutorial - a fresh and glowing look for all year round.

by Yasmin Farry |


Manasi7 is a natural and organic makeup range created by Susanne Manasi Persson, a Stockholm-based makeup artist whose deeply creative approach to her range is one of slow, thoughtful and sustainable production. We asked Susanne to create an all year round fresh, simple and glowing makeup look. 


Create this glowing, simple makeup look using Manasi7 products:

Start by prepping and priming your skin with your favourite face oil, balm or moisturizer and complexion base for an even skin tone.

Apply Bronzelighter Roseate under cheekbones, under chin and on the temples for enhancing your features and adding glow to your skin. For a little extra shine, add the Strobelighter Sunrise (opt for Elysian if you have deeper skin tone) on the bridge of your nose, high points of the cheeks, under your brow bone and on your upper lip.

Apply All over colour Etruscan on eyelids and cheeks with your fingers and blend out evenly.

Apply All Over Colour Ikura (opt for Fuchsine if you want to have a cold pink lip) on lips for a modern “statement lip” look.

Curl your lashes but keep them natural.


Products used for creating this look:

Bronzelighter – Roseate

Strobelighter – Sunrise or Elysian

All Over Colour –  Etruscan

All Over Colour – Ikura or Fuchsine