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Creating your Clean Beauty Capsule

by Fresh Marketing |

We're here to make the switch simple!

So; you know there are nasties in your skin care and make up, and you don't want them in your body. You want to support make up brands who don't test on animals. Maybe you want to shop local and New Zealand made.

So far, so good.

But making the switch to clean beauty sounds complex, and costly. Will natural products really work? Will they smell good? How do you know which beauty brands really are toxin free and cruelty free?

It all feels so confusing, and intimidating!

Relax - we have all the answers, and we can make detoxing your beauty routine a breeze.

Do natural cosmetics and skin care work as well as mainstream brands?

We can personally vouch for all the clean beauty products on Biddy + May. We select natural, kind beauty products based on efficacy and high performance. We're dedicated to providing New Zealand's best and highest quality range of clean beauty products.

How do you find cruelty free, toxin free make up and skin care?

We've done the decoding for you. We promise we have researched and checked every little ingredient, in every product we stock in our clean beauty store. If you're worried or curious about any item you are welcome to email us and ask about it!

And yes, EVERY item for sale on Biddy + May is cruelty free. We believe true beauty is kind beauty.

Will natural skincare smell as nice as my normal brand?

There are so many delicious scents in our range from the body oils to facial oils, organic hair shampoo to lip tints, we love them all. 

Why are natural skin care and make up products more expensive?

Quite honestly - they're not! Compare our range to the similar level product in a mainstream store and you'll find they cost around the same. The days of 'natural' meaning 'unaffordable' are gone.

Look at this comparison with a big name store's prices:

Our Natural Lipsticks  $52  vs  Mainstream Lipsticks  $47 - $76
Our Natural Mascaras $32 - $59  vs  Mainstream Mascaras  $24 - $57
Our Natural Moisturisers  $25 - $95  vs  Mainstream Moisturisers  $27 - $166

Where do I start on my journey to clean beauty?

We recommend beginning with the basics, and the biggest.

This means firstly identifying where the biggest and most regular use happens. Body moisturiser, facial skin care and deodorants are all applied directly onto our skin, daily - and it's our largest organ.

Replacing your mainstream items with a natural face serum, a body balm or oil and a natural deodorant is a great start to dramatically reducing the number of toxins you are exposed to every day.

Then either right now, next payday, or when they need replacing; swap to a natural mascara, a lead free lipstick and a clean eyeliner or shadow - go toxin free on the make up items you use most often. These are great items to swap, as particles of lip and eye cosmetics often end up in mouths and eyes.

Finally, it's a great idea to take your hair care natural, as although most of us don't wash our hair every day, we do use shampoo and conditioner a few times each week and it runs over our skin, and down our bodies. Check out our gorgeous natural and organic hair care options.

What next?

Take a moment to celebrate prioritising your own wellbeing (and the safety of animals!) with your purchase of natural, safe, pure beauty products.

Enjoy using them! You can feel good about applying them, and supporting brands that create beautiful, non-toxic cosmetics and skin care.

Now that you have the first items in your clean beauty capsule, feel free to indulge yourself with something a little frivolous or special next time you shop with Biddy + May. We believe that beauty should be safe, and fun!

Enjoy x