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7 Empowering Reasons to Change to Natural Skin Care

by Biddy + May Admin Crew |

Ready to begin detoxing your life, and your body? We're so excited for you!

A great first step on a Clean Beauty Journey is switching to natural skin care products, and ditching the expensive global brand names or super market skin care. Of wildly varying effectiveness and price, there are a few things these skin care brands do have in common... like testing on animals, and toxic ingredients.


If you need some great reasons to change for the better with clean natural skin care, read on.


1. Natural Skin Care is safe for you

Our skin is our largest organ and it seems perfectly obvious that nourishing it with gentle, effective, natural skin care ingredients is the safest choice. At Biddy & May we are particularly dedicated to safe skin care, as our clean beauty brand was created when as a young woman our Founder, Yasmin, was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer, and became determined to offer New Zealanders beautiful, effective, clean skin care options.

You can check our No Go List of skin care toxins you will never find in the Biddy and May clean beauty store, to understand why we are so passionate about clean, all natural skin care.


2. Clean Skin Care brands do not harm animals

Every brand in our store is checked to ensure that they do not perform testing on animals. You can buy and use any of our cruelty free natural beauty products with a clear conscience, knowing no bunnies or puppies suffered for you.


3. Natural Skin Care does not cost more

We challenge you to view our range of natural skin care and compare the price to any pharmacy or beauty store brands. Our skin care ranges from $25 to $120 for the most expensive serums, with most products costing around $45.

When you think of how many daily uses each jar or bottle of toxin free skin care will give you, you may be paying 30c a day for healthy, pure, nourished skin. That sounds like a good deal to us!


4. You can support New Zealand Skin Care Brands

We love the revolutionary, very science-based Ao Skin Care range, and the brand new waterless Dust & Glow range - and Sara, long reigning queen of natural NZ skin care, brings us her lovely vegan Tailor Skin Care Range.

We love supporting such innovative game changers right here in Aotearoa - and their natural skin care really does work wonders.



5. Sensitivity and reactivity to big brand skin care

Is your skin always dry and prone to flakiness? Do you get regular acne outbreaks even though you're past your teens? Are you tired of finding blackheads and impurities popping up? Or, does your skin have a reddish tint like it's lightly sun burned?

Often our skin has been reacting to specific ingredients in big brand skin care and has been irritated, inflamed or dry for so long that we've accepted that this is just how our skin is.

In many cases, swapping to clean skin care frees our skin from the reaction or sensitivity and it is able to rebalance natural levels of oils and get rid of impurities. Synthetic cleansers often remove the protective outer layer of our skin, excessively drying skin and exposing it to attack by bacteria.

Some people experience a short detoxing period where skin may lightly flake as the dead skin cells being preserved by the preservatives in their moisturiser is free to fall away leaving fresh healthy skin exposed - or a final outbreak may herald the skin shedding impurities and becoming clean.

After an initial adjustment, most people find that their skin is less blemished, and more glowing when they use the right natural skin care.


6. Natural Skin Care ingredients are scientifically proven

The days of hopefully blending a few oils to make a skin serum are behind us. Although traditional wisdom has been trusted for hundreds of years, science has also been employed to research the effectiveness of natural oils and vitamins in natural skin care - and the benefits of these skin care stars are now heavily documented. From blemish fading rose hip oil to skin brightening kakadu plum, and the cellular level anti-aging action of fruit derived antioxidants, natural ingredients really do benefit our skin.


7. Natural Skin Care works

At Biddy and May we test the effectiveness of products thoroughly and give them our personal stamp of approval. We choose from locally made and global skin care and cosmetics brands to bring you a range of clean beauty brands that really deliver. You can enjoy clean, clear, glowing skin, naturally.


We love our range of natural skin care brands, and we are sure you will too. If you have any questions, ask us! We are very happy to advise on which skin care products will naturally support your unique skin the most effectively. 


Image credit: Ao Skincare