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Carbon Offsetting made simple - why you should offset at checkout.

by Biddy + May Admin Crew |

Climate change is a growing concern amongst the world.

We think everyone needs to be aware and do their bit, however small.

That is why Biddy + May has partnered with, CarbonClick, we both believe that carbon offsetting should be a fundamental part of how you operate as an individual. Taking climate action is crucial in knowing that we are all doing our part.


What is carbon offsetting?

The truth is, we need to all be on a sustainability journey, whether you’re an individual or representing a business. The unique thing about CarbonClick is that we make carbon offsetting simple. Carbon offsetting, very simply, is a way of balancing out the carbon emitted by a product through supporting projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere. By making carbon offsets something you can easily integrate into your cart, you and your customers can start having an immediate impact on climate change.

CarbonClick is passionate about encouraging both businesses and their consumers to take climate action. Customers can minimise their carbon footprint during the purchasing experience. The actions we take (like driving a car) and the things we buy create emissions. On the other side, something like planting trees takes this staple out of the atmosphere. Offsets measure the benefits through carbon offsetting projects dedicated to reducing these side effects. When you offset at checkout, you neutralise your emissions. Offsetting your purchase by clicking CarbonClick’s Green Button at checkout is crucial in making sure we are all doing our part to save the planet and to reduce our environmental impact.


What happens when you offset at checkout?

By offsetting, you are supporting various projects all over the world. When you contribute towards saving the environment, your funds are split locally and internationally between developments. You can actively monitor these to see the real-world difference you are making, after your store purchase.

Do your part in taking care of our planet and help reverse climate change with CarbonClick when you checkout at Biddy + May.