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Bringing Wellbeing into your Life for 2021

by Yasmin Farry |

What better New Year's Resolution could there be than Wellness?

Investing in your own life is deeply empowering - and it pays dividends in countless ways. When we are well, we feel GOOD. We look good. We have energy and inspiration - and joy is a familiar feeling.

Wellness means different things in different contexts - so just to clarify; we're talking about the big, life centering, soul rejuvenating, laugh out loud kind of wellness.

We truly believe that to live well, we need to be well in ourselves, and being well in ourselves requires some serious respect for our own emotional and physical state.

Are you ready to give yourself the gift of wellness this year?

Here are our top tips for creating resilient inner wellness

1. Practice awareness

It's so easy to get caught in the rush of being busy. Work, kids, cooking dinner, so many days can pass in a state of go-go-go without us being at all present.

It only takes a few seconds to pause and feel aware of yourself. How are you? Is your body calm or tense? Is your breath shallow or deep? Are you upset or lonely or frustrated? Do you hurt? Are your shoulders hunched and your tummy slumped? Is what you are doing useful or fun? Are the people you are with supportive or careless of you?

Breathe. Feel your body. Listen to your heart. If you need to make changes, make them.

2. Sleep

Sleep is a non-negotiable. Regardless of what is happening in your body and in your life, a decent, deep sleep will help you face the day.

Sleep lets our bodies heal and repair, and restores our emotional resilience and mental acuity. Invest in your sleep - get nice sheets, a good bed, make your bedroom a place of serenity and calm.

(Parents of young children, we see you. Your nights will return to you one day, kia kaha.)

3. Rest + recreation

It's easy to pass the weeks by without taking time for you. This may mean a Pilates class, a good book, or a quiet glass of wine savored in a long bath. 

Quality 'people time' is golden. Maybe you need to unwind with friends over a shared meal, or get passionate with your lover. Maybe you will build sandcastles with your children on a long afternoon lost in the dunes.

Create space to be alone or to be loved. 

4. Indulge your passions

Whatever sparks your fire is a key ingredient in a full life! You'll know your passion by the way it consumes your thoughts, and the way that time flies when you are doing what you love. 

Some people garden, some bake. People lost in their passions may craft or sew, write or draw, run for hours, or wander distant trails. 

When you find those things that absorb you, and leave you refreshed and energised, do more of them. 

5. Eat for your body

Eating right is easy, really!

Listen to your body and make note of what it loves and what doesn't sit well.  Avoid the centre rows of the supermarket where the processed food lurks.

Find stores that sell local and seasonal produce, and shop organic where you can.

6. Detox your beauty

We are passionate advocates for protecting our bodies from as many toxins as we can. In fact, our Founder Yasmin's personal journey was the creative spark behind Biddy + May. 

Scientists estimate that by the time most Western women have showered, applied make up, and are walking out the door in the morning, they have been exposed to over 150 chemicals.

The Biddy + May clean beauty store is carefully curated to bring you products that we know work exceptionally well, and that meet our exacting standards for toxin-free cruelty-free skin care, cosmetics and hair care.

Want help getting started on detoxing your beauty routine? Read our article on creating a clean beauty capsule.

7. Get outdoors

We literally live in one of the most incredible countries on Earth. With wild mountains, mossy forests, tumbling streams and surging rivers, rolling green hills and turquoise beaches, hot pools and glaciers, islands and lakes, we are blessed to have countless places to explore. 

Make a list of all the wonderful places in Aotearoa that you haven't seen yet, pick your top three, and get yourself there. This year. 

We need nature - we are designed to walk barefoot on the earth and connect with the magnetic field beneath our feet. If you're stuck at home today doing chores, make 5 minutes to slip off your shoes and step onto the lawn. Feel the air on your arms, the sun on your skin, the grass between your toes and the breath flowing in and out of your miraculous body. Remember that everything you see is formed of stardust; and you are part of a whole.


Enjoy x