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Best Natural Mascaras as ranked by you

by Fresh Marketing |

At Biddy & May 'Natural Mascara' really does mean clean and kind. In our clean beauty store, all our mascaras are toxin free, cruelty free, and vegan.

What's more, these natural mascaras really do deliver!

Biddy + May's commitment to natural high performance products means that our mascaras will not flake excessively, smudge to make special panda eyes, or disappear while your day is still in full swing! We believe these are the best natural mascaras available in New Zealand.

Why is natural mascara important?

Micro particles of your mascara end up around and in your eyes. This is why changing to a natural mascara is one of the first steps we recommend when people shift to clean beauty brands.

Many standard mascaras contain synthetic dyes, coal tar dyes and formaldehyde (all toxic and carcinogenic), parabens, SLS, phthalates (hormone disruptors), thimerosal (the mercury-based compound that has been banned from vaccines) - and waterproof mascaras have been found to contain highly toxic fluorine.

Enough about the toxic nasties - you won't find any of them in this clean beauty store! Let's meet our natural mascara stars!


Natural Mascara 1 - Big Lash Lily & Lolo Mascara

If your priority is lustrous lashes that look long and thick, this is the best natural mascara for you. Designed specifically to define lashes, giving volume and lengthening. The hourglass wand delivers ultimate volume for that big lash look. One of our team reviewed this mascara and wrote:

"Wow, Va-va-voom! LOVE the lashes with this natural mascara - thick and lush, the big curved brush shape gets the mascara on your lashes really effectively. Try running it lightly down the tops of your lashes, then lifting up from underneath your top lashes - this mascara leaves a highly defined jet black thick lash line!"


Natural Mascara 2 - Long lasting superhero Ere Perez Avocado Waterproof Mascara

This natural mascara from Ere Perez is your mascara BFF for emotional days, fitness workouts, running, partying the night away in hot clubs, or just #mumlife! This buildable natural mascara stays put, strengthening and nourishing lashes with mamey and avocado oils which helps to stimulate growth, all while delivering some great 'sooty lash' factor.

5 Star reviews for Ere Perez waterproof mascara:

"Excellent mascara. Glides on the lashes, doesn’t clog, and less irritating than mainstream products. Thanks." - Justine

"Love this! Easy on, stays on and looks great. No more eye irritations." - Tracey

"I wore Ere Perez Waterproof Mascara to a horsemanship clinic, in an indoor arena, in midsummer. I was hot and sweaty all day, so when I looked in the mirror late in the evening I literally couldn't believe my eyes - my natural mascara was still perfect!"  -  Huia, Biddy & May Team.


Natural Mascara 3 - Vegan beauty staple, Lily & Lolo Vegan Mascara

Made with natural botanical ingredients, this quick-drying natural mascara is another great option for sensitive eyes. This mascara is a a great everyday wear, with no smudging and can be removed easily with water for a fast beauty routine. 

At last a fabulous cruelty free mascara! I have tried numerous cruelty free mascaras... only to be disappointed each time. Not this time. This is a fantastic product, love it, and am thrilled that it's here, easily accessible in NZ - thank you Biddy & May for introducing me to this great product." - Jenny


Side kick spotlight - Soft & dramatic Lily & Lolo Eye Pencil 

This beautiful creamy natural eyeliner delivers a dramatic colour punch with a gentle glide on softness. Smudge to your hearts content or go spiky cat's eye with the lovely natural browns and blacks of the Lily & Lolo Eye Pencil.


Removing your natural mascara

Always take mascara and other make up off before bed, and give your clean skin time to breathe. The true horror story of the woman who used heavy mascara for 25 years without removing it at night, ending up with concretions inside her eyes that had to be surgically removed leaving permanent scarring is an extreme - but chillingly illustrates that yes, tiny pieces of mascara will end up in your eyes overnight, causing irritation and sometimes infection or physical damage.

It's also really important not to scrub the delicate skin around the eye area, or use harsh cleansers that dry your skin and leave lashes brittle. Normal face washes or cleansers generally don't thoroughly remove mascara.

We recommend Tailor's Oil Cleanse for a smooth, instant wipe away mascara removal experience. Wipe down the lash, away from the eye to avoid pushing particles into the sensitive eye area.


Care of your mascara

These three simple steps will ensure that you get the best from your mascara:

1. Always do the tube up tight. Air flow dries any mascara and it's likely to get clumpy.

2. You've seen girls on movies zip the mascara wand in and out of the tube before applying. Don't. All this does is give air and airborne bacteria more chance to get in the tube, drying it out faster and contaminating it.

3. Do not wash your wand if possible. If you have to, dry it really well on a cloth or tea towel, then clean it with Tailor Oil Cleanse and wipe it again. Never put a damp wand back in your mascara as it can carry bacteria.

4. Replace your mascara before the 6 month mark, even if the label says 12 months. Many dermatologists recommend 3 monthly replacements, so why not go ahead and spoil yourself with a fresh new tube? This applies to all types of mascara, not just natural, and is more about hygiene than the life-time of a mascara. Mascara is moist and offers a breeding ground for bacteria even if we are careful.

Because mascara is applied to the eyes, it needs to be treated as you would a sanitised medical grade item!


Now, go forth and enjoy those lovely natural lashes!




Thanks to Tommy Van Kessel for the beautiful banner image.