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Axiology - the natural, organic, vegan and cruelty-free lipstick that is worth every cent.

by Biddyandmay Admin |

AXIOLOGY lipstick founder, Ericka Rodriguez, has created the cleanest, most ethical lipstick on the planet. The brand is PETA certified, free from palm oil and toxic ingredients, is vegan lipstick and is made with only 10 natural ingredients. This is no easy feat, but to Ericka being able to buy a lipstick that does no harm to you or the planet is her mission and she’s making over the beauty industry one lipstick at a time.


How did Axiology come to be? Have you always had an interest in lipstick?

I started the idea of Axiology after being shocked that animal testing in cosmetics still exists. I have been an animal lover, animal activist, and vegan since I was a kid and yet, never fully realized that such cruelty was still present in beauty. I cleaned out my makeup bag after discovering all of my cosmetics were made with animal-derived ingredients and/or tested on animals. I couldn't find any vegan and cruelty-free lipstick whose performance wasn't drying. I also wanted fun colours for my lips and that just didn't exist. So, I started making Axiology lipstick in my kitchen. 


What does the word Axiology mean?

Axiology is the philosophy of ethics and aesthetics. 


Traditional lipstick colours can be made from animal by-products and harmful dyes. Can you give us some insight into the sourcing and development process of a creating a lipstick colour from natural ingredients?

The hardest part of developing vegan lipstick colours is that a true "red" is usually made from crushed up insects, called carmine or cochineal.  Since we are a vegan company, we cannot use this red pigment. Instead, we use earth pigments that have orange and brown hues. Of course, some customers want a red with blue or pink undertones so we had to do a lot of mixing in order to develop a red without using bugs. But we did it! 


Your boxes are made from recycled trash by a women-run collective in Bali. How did the idea come about to work with these women?

Before Axiology launched, I moved to Bali, Indonesia in order to save money and have time to work on all the logistics and development of operating a business. While I was there, I noticed that there was a huge trash problem on the small island. Unfortunately, trash disposal doesn't exist. The Balinese usually burn their trash in order to get rid of it and unfortunately, another option is throwing it in the ocean. Beautifully enough, I found a recycled paper company run by women. These women collect paper trash from around the island, boil it down into a pulp and lay it out in the sun to dry to create paper. We knew we wanted to work with them to create our Axiology boxes. It's important for us as a company to do the best we can for our earth and for women. 


What tips do you have for finding a lipstick shade that suits an individuals skin tone?

I really pay little attention to matching lipstick to skin tone. If a woman feels good in a particular lipstick, good, I encourage her to go for it! Lipstick is supposed to be fun and expressive and not adhere to skin tone guidelines.


Do you have any daily rituals that power you through your work and creative process?

I start every morning by journaling and meditating which gets my mind and spirit in the right space to get through all the busy-ness and creativity in my work. 


Can you share with us your daily makeup ritual?

Lately, I've been putting on some female empowerment music (recently it's Lizzo) while I apply my makeup. I use Axiology for my entire face- blush, highlight, lips, and even eye shadow. I also fill in my brows and go heavy on mascara. It's pretty minimal with a lot of colour.


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